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Your Guide to Cornwall and the local attractions of the area

Cornwall is a wonderful area in the United Kingdom, renowned for its beauty and picturesque scenes, Cornwall is a go-to for many holiday goers in and around the UK and further afield.

Located in the South East, Cornwall sees some of the warmest weather our little island has to offer, which is why we wanted to shout about the areas you need to see on your holiday!

1. The Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall

The Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall

Easily the most famous part of Cornwall is the southerly most point of The Lizard Peninsula. This geological marvel is simply stunning and is just a short drive from our Meadow Lakes holiday park.

This natural scene is the pinnacle of beauty formed by centuries of coastal erosion creating coves, bringing wildlife, and the warmer climate bringing rare plants to the area, it’s a photographers dream.

Boasting walkways past volcanic rock, white beaches and turquoise seas, a 13th century church known as the church of storms with a bell tower made form a Portuguese wreck, oceans of maritime history, a lighthouse and Cornwall’s famous cuisine, there is every reason to make The Lizards Peninsula your first port of call as you visit Cornwall.

2. St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

Moving slightly north from this is St Michael’s Mount near Marazion in Cornwall.

St Michael’s Mount is an ever changing coastline that spans the granite causeway, St Michaels Mount is a medieval mixture of man-made and natural wonders.

Showcasing a legendary medieval church that was built in the 15th century that dominates the skyline. St Michaels Mount is home to a very small population of around 35 people (figure correct as of 2011), and is only accessible between mid and low tide.

Based in the almost, alcove area of Cornwall, the area is often protected and soaks up the sun, making this one of the most popular areas for a holiday or a day trip. With many walks, sun spots, a harbour, and much more, you’re sure to have a wonderful time exploring!

3. Tintagel Castle, Cornwall

Tintagel Castle, Cornwall

Further north in Cornwall, you can stumble on a great piece of our history – Tintagel Castle. The Castle is currently managed by English Heritage and owned by Charles, Prince of Wales. Tintagel Castle has been a popular tourist attraction since the 13th century, thanks to its links to the story of King Arthur who was said to be conceived there when his father disguised himself as Gorlois, the Duke of Cornwall and the husband of Igraine, Arthurs Mother.

The castle has long been associated with the Roman empire, however, there has been no physical connection of any remains of buildings or possessions to back this up.

The rocky terrain is perfect for those looking for a scenic walk along with the elements. Open to the ocean from all angles, the area is full of natural beauty and hidden gems.

4. The Eden Project, Cornwall

The Eden Project

The Eden Project, in Cornwall, is one of the most well-renowned visitor attractions in the UK. This educational charity project showcases how our natural world works, giving us insight in how we can help look after our world and create a better future for all.

The Eden Project is built of two huge Biomes that create a visually stunning image in the surrounding Cornish landscape. Surrounded by planted flower gardens and trees, the biomes each light up at night and provide the perfect humidity inside to grow an array of plants, flowers and trees, becoming a home to wildlife at the same time. Located a short distance from the Cornish coast, the Eden Project is sheltered from the coastal winds and acts as a sun trap in the area.

Being only a short 20minute drive away from the Meadow Lakes resort, we recommend everyone make the journey to see just how beautiful nature is!

5. The SouthWest Coast Path , Cornwall

Southwest Coast Path

The Southwest Coast Path is England’s longest footpath and a National Trail. Stretching a cool 630miles, the full walk is not for the faint hearted but should be walked by everyone who is nearby. The Path starts in Minehead, Somerset and travels along the South West coast via Cornwall, through to Poole Harbour in Dorset.

Thanks to the terrain of the entire area and multitude of river mouths, the trail has a mixture of inclines and declines to make it that bit more challenging. However, the sheer scale and beauty of the trail and the area it spans is not to be missed! When staying with us at Meadow Lakes, we always recommend popping by, whether it be for a short wander or the full trail, you will see exactly why we recommend it.

As the trail is 2hours away from Meadow Lakes, we recommend setting off first thing in the morning to get there in time to really take in the scenes.

Call us to find out more about the Cornish attractions

Cornwall is one of the most beautiful, relaxing and inspiring areas of the UK, which is why we make sure we provide the best possible service by helping you create your perfect holiday. While staying with us at Meadow Lakes you are in a central location to be able to enjoy the greatness that Cornwall has to offer. Give us a call for more information on the area, the attractions and how you can see the sights and relax at the same time. We have many more of the top Cornish attractions nearby!