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Top Ten Beaches to Visit in Cornwall

Here at Meadow Lakes, we know that one of the main reasons for visiting Cornwall is the outstanding beauty of the surrounding beaches and coastal areas.

To give you a bit more information about the top beaches you should visit, we have created this top ten beaches in Cornwall Guide…

1. Sennen Cove (Whitsand Bay), Cornwall

Sennen Cove (Whitsand Bay), Cornwall

Sennen Cove is a small fishing village on the West coast of Cornwall, with a population of around 180 people. The Cove expands as the tide goes out to reveal beautiful golden sandy beaches that give plenty of room for families. The Cove is perfect for surfers too as the Cove sees the winds of the west coast.

You’re sure to be in safe hands when visiting and enjoying the ocean life at Sennen Cove as this small fishing village is a Royal National Lifeboat Institution base founded in 1853, giving this little gem of coastal beauty a plethora of historical facts to explore too.

The Cove is close to several cafes, surfing shops and the local pub, giving the area a small, quite atmosphere for you to relax in. The Sennen Cove is a short drive from the Meadow Lakes resort, making it a wonderful day trip option.

2. Treyarnon Bay, Cornwall

Treyarnon Bay, Cornwall

Treyarnon Bay is on the North West coast of Cornwall and is one of the most unspoilt coastal areas in the region. Boasting beautiful golden beaches, the Bay is regarded as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Whilst many beaches in Cornwall are known as being a hub for surfing, Treyarnon Bay is known for bodyboarding. On the left side of the beach, the tide comes in very quickly, cutting people off from the main land which adds a little adventure to the visit as just as quick as the tide comes in it goes out at the same rate.

Looking out at the horizon of Treyarnon Bay, you will see a small island that is cut off completely from the mainland, this is Trethias Island and is home to a wonderful little cave that extends through the entire island, well worth a trip out for those more adventurous types!

3. Godrevy Beach, Cornwall

Godrevy Beach, Cornwall

For a more rustic view, head over to Godrevy Beach. Exposed all year round to the elements brought to the area by the Atlantic ocean, the beach is a raw, natural beauty on the Northern Coast. As part of the St. Ives Bay, the area is full of little coves and high cliffs and is the most northern point of Hayle’s ‘3miles of golden sand’.

Godrevy Beach is a part of the National Trust and boasts some amazing scenery, topped off by a lighthouse that was the inspiration behind Virginia Wolfe’s novel, ‘To the Lighthouse’. Godrevy Beach is just less than an hour’s drive from the Meadowlakes resort so is perfect for an afternoon trip or an early morning walk along the coast. Dogs/pets are not allowed on the beach from Easter Day through to October 1st, so make sure to plan in advance any plans. If you’re looking for something that goes against the picture perfect image of Cornwall but is just as beautiful, this is the place for you!

4. Praa Sands Beach (Hendra), Cornwall

Praa Sands Beach

Back over on the Southern coast is Praa Sands Beach, a mile long beach that boasts white hot sand and is very closely situated to a number of local attractions such as the Lizard Peninsula.

This wonderful beach is sheltered by sand dunes making it the perfect place for a picnic and to relax. For those looking for a little more excitement, there are often sightings of sharks, dolphins and seals swimming in the ocean.

The Praa Sands Beach is a lovely little spot for young families looking to enjoy a quiet retreat. It is also a popular spot for surfers due to the quality of the water here. Being open to the winds from the southern coast blowing north, there are many times of the year that provide that perfect wave.

Praa Sands Beach is around 1hour 10minutes away from our Meadowlakes Resort, meaning you can squeeze this trip in with other activities too thanks to the close proximity!

5. Charlestown Beach, Cornwall

Charlestown Beach, Cornwall

One of the closer beaches to Meadowlakes resort is Charlestown Beach. Being just 20minutes drive away from our resort, makes this beach ideal for those that do not want to travel too far or don’t have their own transport.

This south facing coastal area is close to Polperro Heritage Coast and is home to a beautiful pebble beach, ripe with heritage and geological wonder, this beach is a must for young families looking for natural adventures and those who have an interest in the local history.

Charlestown Beach is also in close proximity to a number of Cornwall’s local attractions that can be accessed via the South West Costal Path. Those that are interested in maritime history in particular can enjoy the local harbour and the tall ships docked there.

6. Perranporth (Penhale Sands), Cornwall

Perranporth (Penhale Sands), Cornwall

Heading west from the Meadow Lakes resort, you will come across the wonderful beach of Perranporth. This Cornish beach has the typical feel of a seaside resort, boasting cafes, restaurants, shops and a local village. The beach grows up to 2miles long when the tide is out and is also home to a natural swimming pool that are filled by the ocean at high tide and left for everyone to enjoy at low tide.

Perranporth is a Special Area of conservation, meaning tourists are asked to enjoy the area safely. The beach is full of natural beauty as well as quirky facts and features such as the buried church!

Perranporth is a great place for surfing, snorkelling, sailing and swimming and spotting the local horse-riders riding through the surf. This really is one of the picture postcard resorts of Cornwall.

7. Marazion Beach, Cornwall

Marazion Beach, Cornwall

Marazion Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the area thanks to the plethora of activities on offer for all. Being so close to Penzance, the beach is the connecting point to St Michael’s Mount via the Granite Causeway.

With a mix of pebbles and sand, Marazion Beach is a beautiful family location that allows you to relax alongside stunning views and sand-dunes. The area is also well suited for windsurfers, thanks to the strong southerly gales that sweep over the coast. Further along the coast is one of Britain’s oldest towns that provides a range of shops, cafes and more to make even the cold days enjoyable on Marazion Beach.

Meadow lakes is just over an hour away from this beach, making it another of the must see locations in Cornwall and easily accessible for all.

8. Porthmeor Beach, Cornwall

Porthmeor Beach, Cornwall

Swinging back up over to the Western coast, you can find Porthmeor Beach which is the most westerly beach in St Ives. This beach is fully protected from the southerly winds, giving it a much calmer atmosphere, this also helps attract surfers of all abilities and is a good spot to learn to surf.

Covered in beautiful white sand, Porthmeor Beach is a pretty spot to relax in, taking in the sprawling horizon and the cliff faces, visitors can wander the streets of the small village and enjoy the slow paced, calm lifestyle that the area has to offer.

Porthmeor is 1hour and 15minutes away from Meadowlakes Resort, meaning it’s worth taking the day to enjoy everything the area has to offer.

9. Kynance Cove, Cornwall

Kynance Cove, Cornwall

Heading down to the most southerly point of Cornwall, you will come across Kynance Cove. Just around the corner from the Lizard Peninsula, Kynance Cove is easily one of the most photographed beaches in Cornwall, showing just how beautiful the area is.

Boasting a white sandy beach, turquoise waters, small islands and caves surrounding the area, and rock formations shaped by years of raw elements hitting the coast, it’s certainly easy to tell why.

The National Trust looks after the area, further reinforcing how looked after the area is. This Cove is much more of a walkers dream than a surfers paradise, as the circular formation of rocks, blocks much of the winds, making it difficult to get any good waves. However with the rugged landscape, all you will need is a pair of walking boots to make your trip amazing.

Kynance Cove is a bit further afield than the other beaches on this list, but we’re sure you’ll see why we have included it, it’s a must see for every visitor to Cornwall and well worth the 1.5hour drive from Meadow lakes resort.

10. Harlyn Bay, Cornwall

Harlyn Bay, Cornwall

Harlyn Bay is over on the North Coast near Padstow is one of the larger beaches in Cornwall and is considered one of the best family beaches in the county. Expansive sandy beaches in a crescent shaped bay, makes this a very family friendly environment and provides a whole host of activities to do including surfing. Thanks to the shape of the landscape, Harlyn Bay enjoys some of the best waves in Cornwall.

Sea kayaking and walking are also popular past times when visiting, as well as a drip in the tide pools!

Heading further inland opens up the history of the area with the remains of an iron age cemetery, a small historical village and an untouched stream to explore, your visit is sure to fly over.

Being less than an hour from Meadowlakes, we recommend popping by no matter what the weather to take in the stunning shores Harlyn Bay has to offer.

Call us to find out more about the Top Ten Beaches in Cornwall

Being so close to so many beaches and bays, it’s difficult to rank them, but we hope you find our list of the top ten beaches in Cornwall, helpful when it comes to planning your visit.

We are always happy to help you plan, so feel free to call us to get more information on any local area and attraction.