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6 Motorbike Touring Essentials

When you plan a motorcycle tour, you need to make sure you are prepared for the journey and the many, many miles you are set to clock up. Ensuring you are properly prepped will help to make sure your motorbike tour is a good one, rather than a problematic one.

With that in mind, we have put together a list of 6 motorcycle essentials that will make your touring experience a great one…

Let’s begin!

1. Protective Clothing

Before you get on your bike, you should take extra care to equip yourself with the right protective clothing.

Having the right motorbike gear could potentially save your life in the event of an accident. Shop around for the best motorbike gear that will look after you in case you fall or get knocked off your motorcycle.

If you plan on travelling 100’s or 1000’s of miles, there’s of course unfortunately the increased chance of things going wrong. You’ll need to think ahead about the different things to be aware of whilst touring and plan in advance to avoid any problems down the line.  After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

2. Puncture Repair

If you succumb to a puncture and end up stuck at the side of the road, you’ll definitely be wishing you had a puncture repair kit to fix your damaged tyre!

Although most puncture repair kits don’t offer a permanent fix, the inflation foam will act as a temporary solution until you can get to the nearest garage or tyre fitter. Most puncture repair kits of this type come in a small can-sized form, which can be easily tucked away under your bike seat or in your bag for emergencies.

3. Tool Kit

An under-the-seat tool kit will come in extremely handy if you need to make minor adjustments to your bike. Check that the wrenches ad sockets are compatible with your bike first as some motorcycle’s will have their own compatible set of tools.

If your bike breaks down or you need to adjust your chain, you’ll be thankful that you planned ahead with an under-seat toolkit!

4. Jumpstart Kit

If you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with no phone battery and your motorbike won’t start, it’s worth investing in a jumpstart/battery pack to get you back on the road again. With a portable jumpstart pack, you don’t have to worry about being stranded.

Motorcycle jumpstart packs are lightweight and portable, with torches that make jumpstarting easier in the dark. Most packs will combine as chargers too, so you can get your mobile phone up and running again in an emergency situation.

Jumpstart kits can come in really handy for a number of reasons and aren’t too expensive to buy. They are a worthwhile purchase for any motorcyclist looking to go touring.

5. Towel

A lot of motorcyclists will choose to leave their towels behind in an attempt to make their luggage and their bikes lighter, however they usually regret it when they have nothing to dry themselves with after a shower or on a rainy day.  It’s an essential!

Lightweight, compact towels, such as the Lifeventure range of towels, are ideal for travelling. They roll up or fold down small to make carrying them easier, whilst being super soft and having the ability to absorb 9 times their own weight in water. Compared to your standard beach towel, a Lifeventure towel will generally dry 8 times faster than a standard beach towel too.  Who knew towels could be so impressive?!

6. Insect Repellant

Mosquitoes, midges, horseflies, gnats, fleas and ticks – all potentially problematic and annoying biting insects that can be repelled with a low-cost, lightweight insect repellent.

Opting for a longer-lasting solution will mean you don’t have to reapply the repellent as often, though on hot and humid days, it’s probably a wise idea to do so.

Insect repellent should be on every motorcyclists list of essentials as they set out to go touring.

So, now that you know the essentials, all that’s left to do now is enjoy your trip.  Happy touring!