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8 reasons why you should consider a ‘staycation’ in Cornwall this year

The weather!

This year is predicted to be another hot one!  With temperatures souring to match that of Turkey (yes, really!), what better reason to stay in the UK this year?  Cornwall is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, so you’ll be feeling like you’re in the Caribbean whilst being a car journey away from home…

Save your money

Holidays abroad can be expensive and time consuming.  The beauty of staying somewhere more local and removing flights from the budget, means you save yourself a nice chunk of change.  Plus with special offers at Meadow Lakes throughout the year, you can’t go wrong!

Save the hassle

Between getting the time off work, booking flights and hotels, worrying over what to pack, dealing with the chaos of the airport and spending hours on end in queues and transit, the stress of travel sometimes defeats the purpose of a holiday.  On a staycation, stress levels are eased, leaving you able to spend more time relaxing and doing what you want to do.  Wander around the Cornish Countryside, leave your problems back at home and just allow yourself to enjoy your time away!

Discover your country

Cornwall is bursting with amazing attractions waiting for you to enjoy, such as the Eden Project (only 20 mins from Meadow Lakes) and the world famous Lost Gardens of Heligan.  There’s restaurants to try, destinations to see, beaches to explore, boutique shops to pop into, coastal trails to conquer… Instead of leaving them unexplored, a staycation allows you to invest in your own country and discover things you never knew were right on your doorstep.

Time together

Sometimes it’s not until it’s too late that you realise you wish you’d spent more time together as a family.  So get yourself and the kids off their phones, watch a film in bed together, nap, jump in the pool, take a walk, explore the woodlands and lakes at Meadow Lakes, read in the hot tub… A staycation is an excuse to recharge your batteries without feeling bad about it.  It’s also a great time to enjoy that hobby you never seem to have time for – knitting, playing guitar, drawing, or maybe even just eating more!

‘Me Time’

As nice as it is to spend time with family, sometimes you just need some space on your own too.  Why not travel solo and jump in the car and come down for a few days?  We all know it’s incredibly important for our well-being to take time out now and again from the every-day rat race, to perhaps clear your head or just re-charge.  Sometimes, all we need is a welcome change of scenery to be able to focus on ourselves and feel so much better for it.  So what are you waiting for?

The B word… (Brexit)

With so much uncertainty with Brexit and everything from flights to visas possibly being affected for the foreseeable future, a lot of people are choosing to enjoy a holiday at home this year.  That coupled with the fact that you may have to apply for a brand new passport and that the pound continues to struggle against the euro, pushing the price of holidays abroad up – a staycation in our home country looks like a very preferable alternative for most!

You can go right now!

Sometimes when you need a holiday, you need it right now! The beauty of a staycation is that when you decide you need a break, you can actually take it just hours later if you really want to.

So, feel like calling it a staycation this year?  Give us a call or book online today, throw your gear in a bag and go!

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