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The Animals at Meadow Lakes

Here at Meadow Lakes, our pets corner attracts guests of all ages with a variety of animals to see! Children and adults alike will love a chance to visit our friendly pets every day on the park. Find out a bit more about our lovely animals below.

The Marvelous Miniature Shetlands

Our Miniature Shetland Ponies, Alfie and Rufus are brothers and were born in 2010, they’ve been here at Meadow Lakes since April 2016 and love to take part in animal petting and walks around the park!

The Darling Donkeys

Kingpin, our chocolate coloured donkey and Zentor, our dusty grey donkey, came to Meadow Lakes from a donkey sanctuary in 2001 at a young age. They are very friendly, laid back and love a bit of attention! Their favourite snacks are apples and carrots, which they like to munch in the morning and evening and you may even see them playing together. Although this looks quite rough at times, it is perfectly normal Donkey behaviour! Donkeys can live up to a grand 40 years of age and as Kingpin and Zentor are still quite young, they have many happy years left at Meadow Lakes.

The Gorgeous Goats

We have three goats here at Meadow Lakes, our oldest resident being Menace, the brown goat, who lives up to his name sometimes! We also welcomed our new goats Charlie and Lola who are brother and sister, to Meadow Lakes in September 2014, both cheeky and lovable, they’ve settled in well and all the staff and our lovely customers adore them! They all enjoy to go on walks around Meadow Lakes in the sunshine, but can be found tucked up in their pens when it’s a rainy day.

The Giddy Guinea Pigs

We have several female guinea pigs that all live together here at Meadow Lakes. They are all very friendly, love being cuddled and adore being fussed over by visitors and staff.

Other Feathery & Furry Residents

As well as our most popular locals at Meadow Lakes, we also have ducks and chickens that can be found having a wonder around Meadow Lakes, keep an eye out and you may spot one! Tucker and Tilda are our resident geese and live with Quackers the duck! They have a happy life at Meadow Lakes after being rescued in July 2019.

The chickens are a friendly bunch and don’t mind being picked up, just make sure you don’t squeeze them too tight!  Our hens live a happy life, roaming free range around the park. They have all been rescued at different stages from industrial battery farms (producing eggs).

We also have two feline friends that live here with us on Park, called Picklelilly (who has white whiskers) and Shadow. They are both girls and black in colour and you’ll be sure to spot one of them sunning themselves in one of the fields!

Meadow Lakes Holiday Park Animals


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