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Camping in Cornwall

Camping in Cornwall is both intriguing and breathtaking. Just Imagine the spectacular views and tranquility and you will want to pack your camping gear and head for Cornwall! Whatever the season, you are guaranteed to have a great camping experience in Cornwall, when you holiday with Meadow Lakes.

Tips for Making your Holiday to Cornwall an Experience to Remember


At Meadow Lakes, we suggest choosing your travel day carefully to avoid getting caught up in those long traffic jams. Most people prefer travelling to Cornwall and arriving there on Friday or Saturday. If you do not have extensive work commitments, you may consider travelling mid-week. If you are busy throughout the week, then traveling at the crack of dawn or much later at night is advisable.

Local Food

When you book a camping experience with Meadow Lakes, then be sure to try some of the specialty foods and places to eat. There are many local delicacies to try, but there a few not to be missed. For instance, be sure to try out a Cornish Pasty, which can be washed down with a bottle of locally brewed ale of course! In this case, consider Cornish Knocker or for those that can handle a stronger tipple, a Rattler Cider. If you are a fan of clotted cream (who isn’t?!), then make sure while you’re in Cornwall you try one of our famous Cream Teas. Also great to try, is some upmarket cheese Yarg, with a glass of delicious wine from the Camel Valley, to complement it.

Local Events and Festivals

We always recommend visiting local attractions during your stay with us, so check out the Cornwall schedule for the local festivals on The local festivals mean that there will be more people camping than you expected, so book well in advance! The major ones include; Helston Flora Day, Oyster Festival in Falmouth, and the Obby Oss Day Festival in Padstow. However, if you do not mind the crowd, you are good to go!

Off the Beaten Track

Cornwall is the home of beauty and diversity and there are many different places that are outside of the main tourist trail. In these areas, you are bound to enjoy a quieter environment, but no less entertaining! You may consider visiting St Agnes and head to the north coast to enjoy the pubs and the setting of the traditional Cornish town. There is also the Lizard peninsula, which provides spectacular cost lines and scenery and is a popular ‘must-do’ attraction. For your ultimate entertainment, day or night, the surrounding areas and towns such as St. Ives, (which is reachable by train and also one of the most spectacular lines in the UK) offer some great restaurants, art galleries, shopping places, nightlife, and beaches!


When planning any camping trip, you cannot leave behind your fishing gear.  One of the unique attractions of Meadow Lakes is our four coarse fishing lakes, filled with a variety of species that are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end, whilst enjoying the gorgeous and untouched natural surroundings.  There are also numerous fish restaurants around Cornwall that offer the freshest fish dishes you will ever sample! Ask us at reception for the best fish restaurants, especially the ones that have special lunch deals to cut down on your food costs, just make sure you book well in advance. You can further visit the Newlyn fish market to explore and learn about the various types of fish!

Book a Camping Holiday with Meadow Lakes

Cornwall is not only family-accommodating but also very well diversified for all categories and age brackets. Let camping in Cornwall with Meadow Lakes be the highlight of your year. You will get entertained in more ways than you know or have ever imagined. Use our above tips and incorporate them into your camping planner to ensure you enjoy your stay to the maximum!