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Enjoy a Romantic Break Away at Meadow Lakes

Couples Holidays in Cornwall

If you’re looking for a romantic break away in Cornwall this year, camping should be up there on your list of considerations.

’Why?’ You ask…

The fresh air, twinkling stars and gorgeous greenery all contribute to making the great outdoors an extremely seductive and intimate setting for a romantic break away. And what better way to romance outside than living in a snuggly tent with the person you love for a few days?

How to Put the romance into Camping

Now, you might be wondering; ‘what’s romantic about camping?’… After all, it’s not easy to look after yourself as well as you would at home with your dressing table and bathroom. But not all hope is lost. There are plenty of ways you can put the romance into camping, and we’re here to tell you how.

Let’s begin!

Take care to find the perfect spot

It’s not hard to find a good spot for romantic camping. Most campsites will offer stunning scenery in a secret location, providing with the perfect opportunity to pitch your tent in the perfect spot.

Finding the perfect pitch will help you to set the mood, so consider where you put your tent before you put it just anywhere.

If you get to choose where you pitch your tent (some campsites will tell you where you need to go), look for the spot with the best views, overlooking the countryside or woodland.

Invest in a double sleeping bag

Sleeping next to the person you love in a single sleeping bag can take away ounces of intimacy, restricting the cuddles you could be having at night and in the mornings when the birds are cheeping.

A twin sleeping bag will make it easy for you to do some quality snuggling in your tent.

Plan what you eat in advance

Rather than winging it or buying loads of snacks, why not put the effort in and plan a fancy picnic?

Adding a few luxury snacks to your shopping list won’t add too much to overall cost, and you’ll appreciate it even more when you’re tucking into some Cornish seafood or sipping on your favourite beverage.

Light up your pitch

Intimate lighting is one of the best ways to create a romantic setting. As candles are definitely a no go, you will have to consider an alternative.

Purchasing some LED fair lights will make it easy for you to set the mood with some romantic lighting. Hanging them around the branches of the nearest tree is one idea, or you could even tie them to the entrance of your tent to surprise your other half. The possibilities are endless!

Snuggle under the stars

It might sound cheesy, but star gazing can be a wonderful way to reconnect with your partner, offering one of the best romantic settings wherever you choose to camp.

Grab a blanket, get comfy and have a cuddle. It doesn’t cost a penny and will get your senses tingling.

Don’t do nothing

Be sure to do something together.

Nothing is more romantic than a couple that can enjoy doing things together. Leave the campsite for a bit and go on an adventure holding hands. There’s lots to see and do in Cornwall, so take the time to do something that you both love.


If you are looking for couples holidays in Cornwall, Meadow Lakes provides the perfect setting for couples that want to put some romance back into their relationship.