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Book a Holiday Parks Break in Cornwall

Holidaying in Cornwall

West Cornwall is one of the best and most spectacular holiday destinations and has a great range of holiday parks. At Meadow Lakes, we recommend a number of holiday parks one of these being St Ives Bay Holiday Park. It is situated in this part of Cornwall. Its golden sandy beaches are perfect for your entire family during the summer period and even better for couple’s outdoor activities during the winter months. There are caravans, tents, chalets and houses to cater for all your accommodation needs. In short, you will be lost for choice where accommodation is concerned.

During the summer months, camping holidays are more popular in the parks, as camping lovers get to enjoy outdoor activities as they cook eat play and carry out various activities outdoor. At nightfall, it is easy to settle in your tent, which is also in the open or in a caravan, which is more enclosed. A caravan consist of a fully-fledged home where you have a fully functioning kitchen, fully equipped bathroom, a sitting room, and a lounge.

Both of the above accommodation methods provide you with self-service facilities to enable you have an outdoor active holiday in Cornwall with minimal interference from other sources.

An Experience to Remember

Holiday parks also have other forms of accommodation such as houses and chalets. These are completely different from the above mentioned tent and caravans in holiday parks. These provide a look and a feel of home away from home. These categories provide full sized and functional bedrooms, kitchen, and living rooms, to enable you enjoy your holiday to the maximum.

You could be asking yourself what is there to be done after the cooking and eating in the park. The answer is there are plenty of things to be done by the couples, kids alone, or the entire family. Most importantly the holiday parks in Cornwall have a range of fun activities for the kids, keeping them happy too. There are both indoor and outdoor swimming pools to keep you refreshed regardless of the weather. For the younger members of your holiday squad, there are plenty of games, such as crazy caves, fashion shows, talent shows and many more to keep the little nippers off your hands for some time. This will give you room to be on holiday without having to look out for them all the time.

To enjoy a little bit of time by yourself you can enrol the kids in a kids club. It accommodates children of between 4-15 years in different categories. Meaning, no matter the age of your kids, there is something for everyone. After all, it is your holiday park experience too, so you can enjoy your holiday too.

Holiday parks in Cornwall, offer adult entertainment in more ways than one. For instance, you could enjoy playing golf, go off to the beaches for a sandy evening walk, and engage yourself at the holiday park sports hall to work off a little bit of that holiday high living.

The foods and drinks in the holiday parks are simply amazing. Seafood is a major delicacy in this part of UK. Whether you choose to have a gourmet burger while enjoying the beach breeze or you settle for a fish and chips lunch at one of the coastal restaurants, you are assured of enjoy these succulent pieces. Depending on where you choose to stay, some parks provide onsite meals in all the categories of seafood that you would want in their holiday park restaurants.

When you for go for a summer holiday in Cornwall, ensure you do not leave there having not hired a surfboard, wetsuit and a body board for your ultimate play with water.

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