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Self Catering Lodges

Cornwall is a place a lot of travellers know and visit. Situated along a coastline, this holiday destination provides you with the exact meaning and feel of a holiday. To maximize your tour and site seeing of all the various tourists’ attractions that Cornwall has to offer, there are many self-catering lodges in Cornwall, to choose from.

The coast covers a huge expanse of this region, creating striking seafronts. This site alone is a tourist haven for anyone. Therefore, lodging in one of the elegant self-catering lodges in Cornwall would be a perfect choice. This will enable you to maximize your self-catering holiday by getting maximum pleasure from various points of interest. At Meadow Lakes we offer a number of self-catering holidays to choose from.

Why Choose a Self-Catering Holiday?

It’s Self-Catering

This means that the accommodation does not provide you with meals. Instead, you get to do the cooking yourself. Modern self-catering lodges are well equipped with all of your kitchen appliances to help you make your favourite meals. There are also flexible so that, when you do not want to cook you can source your meals from the nearest restaurant.


Planning a self-catering holiday to Cornwall and do not know what to do with your pet? Stress no more. Just book yourself into one of the self-catering lodges in Cornwall. Each lodge comes with a small garden where your dog can play and sleep such that it will not disturb the other guests around you.

It Works Well for Groups

Self-catering lodges are a comfortable form of accommodation especially for people with families and have small children. They have plenty of space enough for the whole family. They have separate bedrooms, places where you can have dinner together and common games playing places in the lodge.

Cost Effective

Renting a self-catering lodge is much cheaper as compared to renting a hotel room. If you are a couple who do not need that much space, then you might want to share one lodge with other members of your family or friends. That way, you will be at a benefit position since you will get subsidized rates and discounts from the lodges. For ease of access, you can just look up the internet for the best self-catering lodges’ deals at Cornwall.


Holiday self-catering lodges offer plenty of space for the handful of activities that comes with holidays. These lodges are an ideal example of home away from home. The only difference is that you get to relax, recharge your batteries and enjoy yourself. If your lodge has a garden, you can enjoy dong various outdoor activities with your children. You get to enjoy homemade meals outside your lodge while enjoying the beautiful coastal views.


Self-catering lodges mean that there is nobody following you around to do anything. You are free to do whatever you want, when you want, and how you want. Unlike the hotel rooms, here you can wake up whatever time you want, make your own breakfast of what you want to eat that particular day, turn on your TV as loudly as you want and do just about anything you want. This form of accommodation gives you freedom ensuring you do not interfere with other guest’s comfort.

Self-Catering Lodges in Cornwall from Meadow Lakes

For your next vacation to Cornwall, ensure that you rent a self-catering lodge. It offers you the flexibility and freedom that you deserve in order to truly enjoy your holiday. It also makes your holiday more affordable for the whole family since the rates will always be much lower. Moreover, with just a single click on the Meadow Lakes website, you get to book yourself into one of the best self-catering lodges in Cornwall.