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The 7 Best Camping Bed Options for 2018

If you are planning a camping trip in the near future, you might be wondering what the best camp bed is to suit your needs, or enhance your camping experience.

‘What are the Best Camp Beds for Tents?’

Whether you are specifically looking for the best camping beds for bad backs, the best double camp bed options or the best air bed for camping, we have compiled a list of the different bed options available to you below.

1. Folding Camp Beds

Folding camping beds are a common choice among campers who aren’t bothered about luxury, but would prefer not to sleep on the hard floor.

A folding camp bed is ultra-convenient and folds small for portability. Once unfolded, you camp bed will become a fully-fledged bed for you to sleep on.

This type of camp bed will fit neatly into your tent, with single and double options available to suit. A Folding camp bed is probably one of the most practical options when it comes to saving space and time. You don’t need to worry about pumping it up or letting air out if you plan on moving from campsite to campsite. Campers or backpackers who like to travel from place to place would benefit from this type of bed in comparison to an air bed, though a rolling camp mat might be more suitable for ease of transport.

2. Air Beds

The next step up from a folding camp bed is an air bed, providing campers with a higher level of luxury and comfort.

The best air beds for camping are easy to pump up, so you don’t waste valuable minutes of your camping experience. After putting your tent up, you should be able to blow your air bed up without too much trouble at all.

A range of low-cost air beds can be purchased if you don’t want to go overboard with your sleeping equipment.

3. Camping Mats

If you plan on doing a lot of walking and hiking with your gear, you will want to consider a lightweight, portable option, such as a camping mat.

A sleeping bag and camping mat combo will generally suffice if are looking for a truer camping experience. A roll up camp mat and sleeping bag should be able to fit into your backpack for ease of transport.

Essentially, the best camping bed for backpackers is a rolling mat, although some ‘hardcore campers’ will tell you the best way to camp is on the ground.

4. Inflatable Sleeping Mats

The next step up from a flat camping mat is an inflatable camping mat, offering a degree of comfort by raising you just an inch or two off the ground.

Designed specifically for light-travelling campers, inflatable camp mats are lightweight and easy to transport. Some modern mats are self-inflating, saving you the effort of needing to blow them up.

After a hard day of trekking and hiking, an inflatable mat could be considered the best camping bed option to help you sleep comfortably.

5. Raised Air Beds

In comparison to an inflatable sleeping mat, a raised air bed is very different. Although much heavier and space consuming, a raised air bed is a popular option for family camping trips, with double and single options available depending on your needs.

For extra comfort, a raised air bed is one of the best camping bed options, perfect for those of you that would struggle to get comfortable on a mat on the ground.

6. Memory Foam Mattresses

If you suffer from a bad back but simply love to camp, (or just love the thought of something super comfy!) a memory foam mattress might be the best camping bed for you.

You’ll probably know yourself how your body reacts to memory foam. If you have slept on one before, thinner mattresses are available for camping purposes.

7. The Floor

To get the truest feel for the great outdoors, you might want to trial sleeping on the ground in your sleeping bag (in your tent, of course). The floor is the best camping bed options among anyone looking to experience what camping is really all about, though, with so many bed options to choose from, it’s easy to see why many people prefer to sleep on a camping bed or air bed when they go camping.