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Useful Glamping Tips

Glamping in Cornwall offers a great alternative to a traditional camping experience. The great outdoors the sounds of chipping birds, the light coastal breeze, the sound of rushing sea water the scent of flowers and wild plants all sum up to one word which is fun. All this and much more is experienced when you go glamping in Cornwall.

Glamping enables you to enjoy all of these things without forgoing all your home luxuries. Camping is no longer associated with sleeping in a lumpy sleeping bag over hard rock without a pillow. You can enjoy camping in the wild with the comfort of your home in what is known as glamping or glamorous camping. It is a cross between a regular hotel stay and wild camping.

A Guide to a Great Glamping Experience

There is no laid down rules of how you should go glamping. It is based on your individual interpretation, comfort level and the personal tastes that determine how far you can go with glamping. Following are some tips and ideas that should be a guide for your ultimate glamping experience.


This is one of the areas that should create a difference between your normal camping and glamorous camping. Unlike the normal camping where you have to sleep on rock-hard places wondering which night creature will crawl to your sleeping bag next, glamping will give you soft, comfortable and luxurious bedding. You will bid goodbye to those flat uncomfortable sleeping bags and embrace your soft blankets and fluffy pillows. For unforgettable glamping in Cornwall, use an air mattress and fur blankets as the basis for your bedding. Then you can add some throw blankets and varied colours and throw in some pillows for added comfort and warmth.


The old fashioned camping experience only requires you to have a lantern or a flashlight for nightfall lighting purposes. However, with glamping lighting is just not your ordinary lighting. There are multiple ways you can light your shelter with. You can use some sweet scented candles outside of your tent. Their amazing smells combined with the seafront scents add to your comfort helping you feel relaxed and happy. Outside the tent, you can also use modern glamping lanterns that give out light from bright to glowing depending on your choice. Inside the tent you can consider frosted bulb strings lights. These are perfect to look at when lying inside the tent.

Cosying inside the tent

Glamping in Cornwall is all about having the luxuries of your home that you cannot find in the natural coastal beaches and enjoying the nature at the same time. Include one of the rarest things in any camp. A mirror! Who could have thought? There is no worse thing than planning to go for a beach walk and getting ready only to realise that you don’t have the facilities needed to get ready. Simple things such as a mirrors, buckets toothbrush holders are the ideal items to make your camping glamorous.

Glamping Holidays in Cornwall

Glamping is just as wide as your imagination. You can incorporate almost anything that will make your stay at Cornwall worth your while. Make sure you enjoy this coastal tourist attraction site as much as you can, with the comfort of your home back in the tent.