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We welcome our newest feathery family members to Meadow Lakes!

Welcoming our newest family members, Mavis, Doris, Phyllis and Gladyis to the park! Our rescue chickens that were saved from a battery farm.

The new chickens have been at the park for about a month now after our lovely Zara rescued them. They had to be kept inside for about 10 days, so they got used to their surroundings and knew where their new home was, before we could introduce them to our other chickens.

At first they were all really frightened and didn’t have many feathers, so we are so happy to see that they have started to grow back, watching them gaining confidence daily and getting on well with their fellow feathery friends.

They are now free range and loving being out pecking around and enjoying their brand new environment!

If you (or the kids!) would like to meet them, just ask a member of our friendly reception team and they will be more than happy to introduce you!

Meadow Lakes Holiday Park