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What’s the big hoo-ha about GDPR?

GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, is the news about town that’s sending us and businesses alike into a little bit of a tizzy coming into play from the 25th May 2018.

You may have noticed your inbox filling up with emails from companies you have previously expressed an interest, purchased from, or signed up to hear from asking you to ‘Update your preferences’ or ‘Let us know what you want to hear’ this our dear visitors, is the starting point of GDPR.

GDPR has been put into place by the Data Protection Act and is being seen as a way for retailers to be more transparent with how they’re using and protecting consumers data. Several new rules and regulations are being put in place but from the seminars we’ve attended and reports we’ve read, the main talking points are;

Why they need your data

How long your data will be kept for

What data is needed

Who else has access to your data

All of which you can find in our Privacy Policy. Located towards the bottom of our “Access Statements” page.

We’re by no means claiming to be experts on the matter, but wanted to share what we do know with you all and hope to shed some light behind the emails you will start to receive over the next few weeks. Updating your preferences and deciding to still opt-in to receive newsletters with offers and updates (which we’d still lurrrve to share with you!), means you can still receive all the best stuff, (such as saving money on your holiday’s etc!) from us still.

… But if you do want us to stop bugging you, we will try our best not to take it personally…!